Do you want to grow a successful Regenerative Medicine practice?

Let us help. We offer:

1) Optimized online physician profiles and increased visibility to new patients.

2) Robust data collection & analysis so you can share your great results with new patients.

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Together, DataBiologics and Valet Health offer a packaged solution for patient outcomes data collection and physician online visibility.


Get Your Clinic-specific Portal that Allows You to Enter, Track and Analyze Patient Outcomes

Patients Complete Surveys to Share Progress, Follow-ups Auto-Scheduled and Sent.

Physician Online Data Errors are Fixed across a Network of Sites like WebMD, Vitals, etc.

Increase Visibility of Positive Patient Reviews from Your Orthobiologic Procedures.

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DataBiologics + LaunchPad Combined Solution

In today’s current landscape, an overarching challenge for orthobiologic physician experts is rising above the noise to educate consumers on patient outcomes. There is a prevalence of unqualified providers aggressively marketing and offering illegitimate regenerative procedures in markets across the nation. Valet Health and DataBiologics collectively provide the solution.

For a limited time, DataBiologics and Valet Health are offering a package deal for clinics to receive both of our services at a discounted price. Together, we hope to bring more value to your clinic and your patients.

Text TOBI to 281-916-8996 to learn more and help us innovate to shape the future of medicine.

Valet LaunchPad optimizes physician profiles on sites such as WebMD and Vitals to elevate positive patient experiences in regenerative medicine. DataBiologics empowers research-driven doctors with a comprehensive patient data collection service to track and analyze efficacy of regenerative procedures. Together, this combined solution offering ensures that patients can be educated on quality, and more easily find and receive the very best in orthobiologic care. Additional clinical training and support available with our strategic partner: The Orthohealing Method

Get started by texting TOBI  to 281-916-8996 and connect with one of our team members to learn more about our turnkey support solution to help you grow a successful regenerative medicine practice.

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In this first discussion, a Valet Health team member will speak with you about the combined Data Biologics + LaunchPad program, and gather info to follow up in a second meeting to deliver a complimentary analysis.

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This combined solution offering is brought to you by leading orthobiologic and healthcare technology experts to ultimately bring more value to your clinic and your patients. We look forward to connecting with you to discuss how we can help support your regenerative medicine practice!

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